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About Roberts Asphalt: Equipment

Roberts Asphalt is on the forefront of the technology used in the asphalt maintenance industry.  We’ve invested in advanced equipment that enables us to repair problem areas of your asphalt with incredible speed and unparalleled quality. Our infrared heating equipment heats the asphalt to two inches deep, turning it into a pliable material so that bad asphalt can be raked out and good asphalt replaced. Our crack jet machines, for repairing cracks, kill vegetation, burn out debris and prime the inside of the crack to accept rubber.

Equipment List


All equipment can reviewed or inspected at your convenience.


Two Hot Rubber Injection Units


One 2015 CRAFCO SS125 Hot Rubber Injection Unit


One 2011 CRAFCO SS125 Hot Rubber Injection Unit


These units are precision rubber injection application crack fillers. These crack machines are thermostatically controlled to maintain a consistent material temperature at the ASTM recommended 350F. Rubber manufacture warranties are void if temperatures rise above 350oF or fall below 345oF at anytime during the preparation or application process. All material is delivered by hydraulic pumps through heated hoses to ensure consistent and uniform application. Both of these machines are diesel powered. Having two crack melters operating at one time allows for larger areas to be craft filled and sealed.  Therefore, speeding up the project and lessoning the inconvenience to employees and customers.


Three Supply Tankers


Two 4,500-Gallon Agitated Supply Transport Tankers


One 3,000-Gallon Agitated Supply Transport Tanker


These supply tankers speed up the project process on larger project by allowing for onsite supply storage sealing rigs instead of having to pull off and leave the project to re-fill. This tanker is designed for smaller projects and lighter weight to reduce the possible damage while sitting lesser engineered parking lots.


One 1992 Volvo Semi Truck


Three Storage Tanks


Two 6,000-Gallon Stationary Agitated Bulk Storage Tanks


One 10,000-Gallon Stationary Bulk Storage Tank


These tanks allows for storage of multiple products and ample capacity to maximize project efficiency for continuous product for both on site and in inventory for no down time due to material inventory levels.


Four Seal Rigs


3,000-Gallon Agitated Seal Rig


With ability to spray by wand or 9 foot spray bar. The use of spray bars allow the sealer material to be applied 9 feet wide at the ASTM recommend speed of 4.5 miles per hour.  This more than doubles the production of the process of a hand wand and guarantees an even and uniform application of both coats of the sealer.


1,000-Gallon Agitated Seal Rig


With ability to spray by wand or spray bar.


500-Gallon Truck Mounted Seal Rig


With Spray wand.


350 Gallon Diesel Ride-On Seal Rig


With ability to squeegee, spray by wand or spray bar.


400+ Highway Cones and Barrels


This large inventory of traffic cones and barrels ensure clearly marked work zones and provide for safe traffic use.


Eight Company Trucks


2009 International Navastar


2015 Ford F250


2009 Ford F250


2005 International 4500


2002 Ford F550


1989 Ford L8000 Dump Truck


Having a dump truck on site combined with the skid steer/sweepers and loaders, allows for better quality control of the generated dust and debris from the pavement cleaning process.  The dump truck provides for proper disposal of the collected debris instead of blowing the dust, dirt and debris into surrounding grass and landscaping areas.


2002 Volvo Semi Truck


2008 International 2 Ton


One 6-Foot Tractor Mounted Poly/Stainless Wired Rotary Brush


Used to micro-scarify, clean and prime the asphalt surface for maximum adhesion of crack filler and sealer.


One 6-Foot Skid Steer Mounted Poly/Stainless Wired Rotary Brush & Debris Collection Box


This cleans, scarifies, primes the pavement surface and then collects the debris. This piece of equipment expedites the process of cleaning a parking lot and significantly reduces the amount of dust, dirt and debris in the air during the cleaning process.


Four 20-HP Billy Goat Walk-Behind Industrial Blowers


One of the most critical parts of sealing asphalt is a complete and thorough cleaning of the lot. This is allows one of the slowest processes so multiple units are required to expedite this process.


One 35-HP Diesel Mounted Hydraulic Blower


One 2015 John Deere 328 Enclosed Cab Skid Steer


One 2006 New Holland LS 180 Skid Steer


One Kubota L35 Tractor and Loader


Six Stripers


Two Line Laser 3900s


Two Line Laser 3400s


Two  Line Laser 3000s


With multiple stripers, this allows larger areas to be resealed, restriped, and re-opened with greater efficiency. Therefore, allowing for quicker turn-around of the project.


Two K&M Propane Fired Crack Jets


In order for crack filling rubber to maximize its adhesion and protective properties in cracks in asphalt pavement surfaces, Roberts Asphalt uses these machines produce a 3800oF torch blown into the cracks at 125 psi of air.  This process not only removes all organic and residual debris, it also primes the crack walls by reactivating the asphalt cement in the pavement, thus allowing for the injected hot rubber crack filler to adhere and set up properly.


One MI-T-M Diesel Steam Machine


Used to clean areas that are extremely saturated in oil and other residual surface debris.


One 4×6 Infra-Red Asphalt Re-Heating Unit


Used to re-heat extremely oil saturated areas and small pot holes for small asphalt area repairs.

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