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Asphalt Services: Restoration

The Roberts Asphalt restoration process is based on two decades of experience and leaves you with a beautifully black, sealed and protected surface. The strategies will vary – depending on the condition of your asphalt, its workload, and environmental factors – but the fundamental approach is the same.




We evaluate your asphalt to determine the strategy to give your asphalt the longest life. Every situation is unique, but we have the experience and expertise to apply the best solution for your problem.




We thoroughly clean the asphalt to ensure proper adhesion. We sweep the area with an industrial-grade rotary wire broom to remove loose debris from the surface and cracks. We heat treat oil spots to prime these areas for greater adhesion. We use a crack jet to kill vegetation, burn out debris, and prime the inside of the crack to accept rubber. Then we clean the entire surface again with an industrial blower to ensure the entire surface is clean and ready for application. Many other companies take shortcuts on preparation – they just “blow and go.”  For the best results, preparation is crucial. Our attention to detail provides longer life – thus better value.


Patch up


We repair potholes or other damaged areas, paving where necessary.




We seal the entire surface with asphalt emulsion-based sealer that restores the original properties to the asphalt.  Our sealer mix is key in applying a fast-drying, durable, abrasive-resistant, beautifully black, environmentally friendly and cost-effective sealcoat. Our sealer does not contain coal tar, which has been proven to be carcinogenic. Depending on the condition of the asphalt (the degree to which it is pitted) and the size of the area, we apply the sealer by spray or squeegee. For older, dryer parking lots we provide slurry seal applications to provide additional healing benefits.

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