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About Roberts Asphalt: Team

Roberts Asphalt understands that to provide outstanding service we must have the most qualified professionals and team members.


Professionals & Team Members


Phil Roberts manages every project, from estimating to completion. Mr. Roberts has over 25 years of experience in every detail of successful pavement maintenance and repairs. Mr. Roberts’ reputation for extreme quality solutions and results has set him apart and allowed Roberts Asphalt to grow to be the leader in this field with local, regional and national companies, municipalities, state and federal agencies.


Vladi Kozel is the operations supervisor over projects and quality control. Mr. Kozel has more than 20 years of construction and leadership experience and more than six years of asphalt pavement surface maintenance and repair.


Team Members working on projects range from 10 years experience to new employees. Each member is explicitly trained on each piece of equipment and project process through the Observation, Participation and Evaluation method of training.

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